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Cork Screws & Stoppers

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  1. Uncork the best artisan-made vintages with the best handcrafted corkscrew - Italian-made to exacting standards. The Murano features a divisible double-brace arm and a name that has earned a connotation of meticulous craftsmanship.

    • Double-brace arm
    • Soft-touch handle
    • Made in Italy
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  2. If you desire convenience and style in one package, this product was made for you. Our double-hinge corkscrew is constructed from fine wood and stainless steel, and its non-stick worm reduces friction when uncorking. A unique take on a functional classic.

    • Variation of hinge design
    • Integrated foil cutter
    • 5-turn non-stick worm
    • Wood handle
    • Great for any wine lover!
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  3. The Twister™ Easy-Turn Corkscrew's non-stick worm finds center as it spins down through the self-bracing frame of the corkscrew and into the bottleneck. Just keep turning the sleek chrome handle and watch the cork slide up and out of the bottle effortlessly.

    • Chrome & plastic
    • Self-centering non-stick worm
    • No pull required
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  4. Sometimes you just want to enjoy a glass of bubbly, not the whole bottle. This stopper seals in the sparkle and makes sure you've got fizz for the next round.

    • Copper chromeÂ
    • Rubber seal for secure fit
    • Fits most standard bottles
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  5. Rich cherry wood curves around the handle of this waiter's corkscrew. Its durable stainless steel hardware and integrated foil cutter make for a pleasantly weighty tool with a double-hinged arm that's twice as effective as standard waiters' corkscrews.

    • Stainless steel & cherry wood
    • Double-hinged arm & bottle opener
    • 5-turn worm & integrated foil cutter
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  6. Double the hinges, double the speed. Our Timber™ Double-Hinged Corkscrew is an efficient take on the sommelier-style classic. Its non-stick worm smoothly removes any cork with minimal friction, and the robust hardwood handle maximizes the power of your leverage.

    • Birch wood & stainless steel
    • Double hinge
    • 5-turn worm & foil cutter
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  7. Our Spiral Corkscrew enhances the toolkit of bow-tied waiters and at-home bartenders alike. The self-center worm pulls out corks easily, and rubber-grip wings make quick work of the rest.

    • All metal construction
    • Lever arms  (PKG -  lever arms provide easy cork removal)
    • Rubber-grip wings
    • Integrated bottle opener
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  8. RBT

    Hand-finished cast metal wing corkscrew with clean lines and a modern base to simplify the bottle opening process.


    • Hand-finished cast metal
    • Unique fixed worm design provides extra leverage for opening
    • Slip ring at the base makes bottle alignment easy
    • Fits all bottle sizes
    • Hand wash only
    • B1-00415

    Materials + Dimensions

    • Zinc, Plastic, Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel
    • 2.25" x 1.50" x 5.00"
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  9. Houdini

    Use this lever-style corkscrew to open any sized bottle of wine; shiny black finish looks good in any kitchen or bar
    • A high-quality lever-style corkscrew at a lower price.
    • Push down, pull up and PRESTO! The cork is out of the bottle!
    • Push down, pull up again and SHAZAM! The cork is off the corkscrew!
    • Opens any-size wine bottle.

    All gear teeth made of hardened metal and Houdini Corkscrew has been tested for 20,000 cork pulls by independent laboratory.

    The Houdini Corkscrew is packaged in an attractive plastic gift/storage box, and includes an extra spiral and a matching foil cutter

    • Key Features And Benefits
    • Pulls a cork in 3 seconds flat
    • Automatically releases cork
    • Works on all bottle sizes and cork types
    • Tested for 20,000 cork pulls
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  10. Why shouldn't corkscrews do more? Ours integrates a classic bottle opener, double-hinged arm and five-turn helix, then adds a graspable foil cutter, power bottle opener and polished wood inlay to its handle

    • Rosewood Handle
    • Stainless Steel Corkscrew
    • Double Hinged Arm
    • Easy-Grip Foil Cutter
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