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  1. Pasquale Bros. - Dall 'Umbria

    Italy (Italy)

    Cured Meat, Red Meat, Vegetables

    Roasted for centries in the heart of Umbria, this family business has been working for generations to give the most demanding palates the best truffles, harvested and processed with one goal: to ensure the highest quality every day of the year. Harvest cycles follow the natural sequences of the seasons and are then sold fresh, frozen or processed into sauce or pâté

    White Truffle oil can be used on cold and warm dishes like seared swordfish, steak or to prepare delicious sauces, pasta dishes and risottos. Impress your guests by putting on the table a bottle of White Truffle oil and let them make their dishes even more fragrant according to their own taste.

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  2. Pasquale Bros. - Alhema D'Queiles

    Spain (Spain)

    Breads, Red Meat, Rich Fish, Vegetables, White Meat

    Alhema is a unique oil of outstanding quality. Made by Hacienda Queiles with arbequina olives previously selected in organic oil groves. It has been obtained in a cold press processing and is rich in oleic acid, polifenols and provides vitamins A, D, K and E. Extra virgin olive oil is the basis of the natural, well balanced Mediterranean Diet, a delightful and healthy base in cooking. > Learn More

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