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Small Gift Pack Piemonte I.G.P. by Three-Michelin-star chef Enrico Crippa

This 3-piece deluxe gift pack by chef Enrico Crippa is the perfect gift for any foodie. Indulge in the very best of Piedmontese gastronomy with three delicious, authentic Italian sweets. Gift pack includes:

- Torrone Friabile con Nocciola Piemonte I.G.P.: Friable nouget. Delicious Italian honey and white refined cane sugar are the ingredients that characterize this Piedmontese, crunchy specialty. Always, and in every case, hand-shredded in wooden frames after long and careful cooking. 
- Tartu i Riblot al Cioccolato Fondente-Extra, Gianduja, Bianco: Gianduja white chocolate, a specialty of the Piedmont region, is an age long symbol of the most prestigious Italian confectionary tradition. This treat is greatly appreciated at both a national and international level. Gianduja, famous for its unmistakable flavour, is ranked as one of Venchi’s top-of-the-range delicacies.
- Brut e Bun con Cioccolato Fondente-Extra: These chocolates are called "Brutti ma Buoni", which literally means “Ugly but Good”. There appearence is not pretty and refined and their shape is somewhat irregular, but they do taste incrediblty good indeed. Handmade and imported From Piedmont, Italy, with Hazelnut Piedmont PGI and extra dark chocolate.

Relanghe - Enrico Crippa

Piedmont (Italy)